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Our supply chain with its clients across the globe utilize connectors from every form factor to connect their new projects and systems. We believe making product available for immediate shipment enable our customer to cut down manufacturing times and improve bottom line time to market. Our business make safety and quality a top priority and manage those programs in accordance with recognized standards suach as ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. We believe making sound choices in the way we conduct our team creates long-term value for our clients and suppliers.

Raw Material

Fortunately there is a SMART way to mitigate against raw material risks that is scaleable, flexible, and has proven to be successful in transforming an abstract problem statement into a measurable and actionable strategy.

Supply Chain Risk Management

In the last decade, a number of organizations have been rocked by unforeseen supply-chain vulnerabilities and disruptions, leading to recalls costing hundreds of millions of dollars in industries ranging from pharmaceuticals and consumer goods to electronics and automotive.

Logistics & Operations

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Geographical Focus

Our News:

  • Harwin reaches out across Europe. The connector company, Harwin, has added New Jersey-based Powell Electronics to its network of distributors.

  • Embedded World: Harwin adds horizontal connectors to Gecko range

  • Cable glands are split for easy assembly, and sealed for tough environments

  • Nicomatic to show miniature industrial connectors at Embedded

  • Thermoplastic for extreme environment connectors